Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who is MinMaxDeals LLC

MinMaxDeals LLC proudly ranks among the top 10 wholesale companies in the USA, specializing in the distribution of premium cosmetics, skincare, hair care products, and perfumes.

We do wholesale distribution of branded cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and perfumes. Our main goal is cooperating only with the best brands, helping to find new ways to sell and promote the brand’s products.

Our customers are eCommerce businesses and individual sellers and we also export to Asia and the Middle East. We have been in business for a pretty long time, we have a good reputation and our idea is to help you to grow your business. We work with brands, distributors and manufacturers.

Where are you located?

Warehouse and office address 

MinMaxDeals LLC

3001 Red Hill Ave

Building 3, Suite 104

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Does Amazon accept your invoice?

From our experience, buyers do not usually have issues with ungating topicals and brands using our invoices. Ensure the information provided matches your Amazon account.

Amazon Ungating Policy

Legal Notice Regarding Invoices:

MinMaxDeals LLC issues invoices solely as a record of sale and not for any specific purpose related to Amazon ungating. Invoices will be provided only after full payment for an order has been received.

Limitation of Liability for Amazon Ungating:

MinMaxDeals LLC, as a supplier, disclaims any responsibility for the success or failure of Amazon ungating processes. The acceptance of our invoices by Amazon is subject to Amazon’s independent criteria, including but not limited to the seller’s performance history and account health.

MinMaxDeals LLC’s Role in the Ungating Process:

MinMaxDeals LLC has no influence or involvement in Amazon’s ungating decisions. Our role is limited to providing post-payment invoices for purchased products. In the event of ungating denial, we offer assistance with reselling services, subject to a restocking fee, and issuance of a credit memo as per our company policy.

Provision of Product Images:

Images of products are available and provided in accordance with our sales terms, post-payment, and when goods are prepared for shipment.

General Disclaimer:

While our invoices are typically accepted for Amazon ungating, especially for topicals and brands, MinMaxDeals LLC makes no guarantees. Customers are advised to ensure that all information provided aligns with their Amazon account to optimize the likelihood of successful ungating.

Do you help with ungating? 

As a wholesale distribution company, MinMaxDeals LLC focuses on the sale of products and does not take responsibility for the Amazon ungating process. Our primary function is to provide products, not to influence or manage Amazon’s ungating decisions. We provide invoices after payment for the products purchased. Based on our experience, the invoices we supply generally meet Amazon’s requirements, but ungating approval is not guaranteed.

Will MinMaxDeals LLC provide invoices before payment for Amazon ungating? 

No, we do not issue invoices before payment solely for the purpose of Amazon ungating. A sales receipt will be sent before payment, and a paid invoice will be provided after payment is made.

Can MinMaxDeals LLC guarantee Amazon ungating with their invoices?

We sell authentic products and provide valid invoices for Amazon, but we cannot take responsibility for Amazon ungating. Amazon’s approval also depends on the seller’s performance, account health, and other factors.

What if I am not approved to sell on Amazon after purchasing from MinMaxDeals LLC?

In the event that you encounter ungating challenges, MinMaxDeals LLC offers support with reselling the product (refer to our reselling fee policy). Upon successful resale of your product, we will provide a credit memo, deducting any relevant restocking fees from the final amount.

Can I request product images from MinMaxDeals LLC?

Yes, we provide product images after the invoice is fully paid and the goods are ready for shipment, for an additional fee.

Amazon prep services – labeling, polybagging and bubble?

We will be happy to assist you with Amazon Prep services according to Amazon guidelines and regulations with professional supplies.

Labeling: $0.55 per unit

Polybagging: $0.70 per unit

Bubble Wrapping: $1.00 per unit

Photo service: $5

How do you notify your customers of price changes or sales?

Via email, Telegram or our website

Do any products have restrictions for eCommerce websites like Walmart, Amazon, or Google Express?

Everything we sell could be sold in the USA or elsewhere

Do you provide brand authorization letters?

No, we do not provide any brand authorization letters

Can you provide supply chain details?

We regret we can’t provide you with any information provided by our suppliers


Product Expiration

We sell all products fresh and new, for in-stock inventory, we could check the warehouse for batch codes. Our policy is to provide products with at least 8 months until expiration.

Do you provide your inventory list in an excel or CSV format?

Yes, we can provide.

But best sellers and fast-moving products are selling on our website and through email broadcasts. You can check our website regularly since our website’s inventory is always updated. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to be able to receive our updated inventory.

Are we able to download your inventory list directly from your website, or do we have to contact your sales rep?

To receive updated inventory list you would need to subscribe for our emails.

Available inventory

For each offer on the website the field “Leading time” displays availability of each product.

For example “in stock” means the product is ready for shipping from our warehouse.

Leading time might be 1, 2, 3, 5, or 5 weeks delivery or more meaning the product will be delivered within the designated period after the payment is received.


How to place the order?

To place an order with MinMaxDeals LLC, you first need to complete the registration and verification process. Once you are registered and your account is verified, you will gain the ability to place orders. This process ensures secure and efficient transactions for all parties involved.

Do you have a minimum order amount or quantity (MOQ)?

Usually MOQ is 100 units, but it all depends on the offer.

MOQ is stated on the offer page.

Payment methods/terms?

We have expanded our payment options for your convenience. Now, we accept:

  • Credit card payments through Melio, Plastiq, and Wise
  • Zelle or Quick Pay
  • Direct bank deposits, including ACH, T/T, and Wire transfers

Please note that we can only accept one type of payment per order.

Please be aware that we do not currently accept payments made through PayPal and/or checks and/or cash.

Can I re-order the products?

Yes, products might be eligible for reorder. Send us the product inquiry for the specific products you would like to re-order. Use the contact page.

Discount if we take the entire inventory?

Discounts are negotiable with the head of sales, MinMaxDeals prices are fixed and discounted.

Customers’ accounts must be well established with great purchase history to be eligible for high-volume discounts.

Dispose policy 

Unpicked up order disposal.

Policy Statement:

We are committed to providing efficient service, but our warehouse is not designed to store orders for extended periods.


Notification via Email:

Customers will be notified via email when their order is ready for pickup at our warehouse.
Reminder notifications will be sent periodically over a three-month period, exclusively to the email address on record for the order.

Final Notice and Timeline for Disposal:

If an order remains unpicked up at our warehouse for three months, a final notice will be sent via email. This final notice will state that if there is no response within 2 business days, the order will be considered abandoned and disposed of accordingly.

Disposal of Unpicked Up Orders:

In the absence of a response within 2 business days of the final notice, the order will be disposed of. Disposal methods may include donation, recycling, or destruction, based on the nature of the product.


Following the disposal of the order, we will not be liable for any loss or damage related to it.
No refunds or credits will be issued for disposed orders.

Can I return the products ordered for an exchange or refund?

We do not allow returns or exchanges.

It may be possible to make exceptions in individual cases. Payments will only be refunded in the form of a credit memo. Additional fees may occur, the restocking fee is 3%.

We do not accept returns in cases when Amazon shot down the listings, do not accept the goods due to brand restrictions for your Amazon account, and other instances related to Amazon and your Amazon business relationship.

We regret we would not accept returns from any Amazon warehouse. Once the order shipped to Amazon warehouse this order is non-returnable to MinMaxDeals.

Reselling eligibility

Before placing an order please check if you are eligible to resell any product we offer on any of these marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Walmart or other places you intend to sell.

MinMaxDeals is not providing any assistance in:

  • Getting you approved to sell any specific product
  • Getting you approved to sell in any category (e.g. Topicals, Health & Beauty, etc)
  • Providing with MSDS certificates
  • Providing with laboratory tests results
  • Providing Brand authorization forms/letters
  • Giving any legal advice or consultation

Please make sure to do your own research prior to purchasing any products from MinMaxDeals.

MinMaxDeals is not affiliated with Amazon and do not meet any of Amazon requirements or regulations.


We would like to clarify our pricing policy to ensure transparency and avoid any confusion.

The price stated on your invoice is fixed and will not change after your purchase.
You can rely on this amount as the final cost of your selected items.

However, we want to bring to your attention that prices for future purchases may be subject to change without prior notice. 
As market conditions, availability of products, and other factors evolve, we occasionally need to adjust our prices accordingly.

We take no responsibility for price fluctuations within Amazon’s or any other marketplaces. 
We have no possibility to influence prices on the market by any mean. Including contacting sellers on marketplaces with request to adjust price.
Therefore, we highly recommend that you check the prices before making any new purchases to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

MinMaxDeals takes every possible effort to avoid any price increases.

We reserve the right to correct any errors, decline or cancel any Order, or part thereof. We will notify you prior to making any changes.

Order cancellation


We do not allow order cancellations, returns or exchanges.

Before placing an order please check if you are eligible to resell any product we offer on places you intend to sell the product.

When placing an order you agree that your order is an offer to buy all products and services listed in your order. 

MinMaxDeals operates independently and has no direct business association with Amazon or Amazon Service Centers.
While we’re happy to sell and ship our products to your desired location, any subsequent sale or issues arising from selling these products on Amazon or other marketplaces will be solely your responsibility. 

We take no responsibility for Amazon issues or brand related issues.

We do not take responsibility for any item that is restricted to sell on Amazon, restricted to send to FBA and/or restricted in any other marketplaces. 

We reserve the right to correct any errors, decline or cancel any Order, or part thereof. We will notify you prior to the Order declination or cancelation.

Reselling products

The customer may request to resell the purchased product.

We are committed to helping our customers make the most of their products, even after they are no longer needed. 

MinMaxDeals may deny to resell the product by any reason.

We may accept the request to resell the product in individual cases.

A request to resell the product must be sent before the order is shipped out from the warehouse.

MinMaxDeals must coordinate and approve with the customer reselling price for the product.

  • MinMaxDeals will be doing all possible to resell the product as soon as possible.
  • MinMaxDeals will be using all possible means to promote the product to it customers.
  • After the product will be resold the customer’s account will be credited. No refund will be issued.
  • A 7% service charge will be applied for the reselling services.
  • MinMaxDeals has can’t take any responsibility on the reselling result.
  • MinMaxDeals can’t provide any specific timeframe when the product will be resold.
  • MinMaxDeals will notify the customer when the product is resold.
  • MinMaxDeals can stop the reselling at any time due to any reason without any notice.

All sales are final. We do not accept returns in cases when Amazon shot down the listings and/or restricted in any other marketplaces. 

Do not accept the goods returns due to brand restrictions for your Amazon account, and other instances related to Amazon and your Amazon business relationship and/or restricted in any other marketplaces.

We regret we would not accept returns from any Amazon warehouse. Once the order is shipped to the Amazon warehouse this order is non-returnable to MinMaxDeals.

This includes but is not limited to product damage during shipping, returns, or any potential issues with Amazon’s selling policies. Our primary objective is to provide you with quality products directly from our platform.


Do you offer free shipping?

Sorry, we don’t, you will need to provide your shipping labels or we can help

Do you ship directly to Amazon’s FBA or Walmart’s WFS warehouses?

Yes, we can ship directly to FBA and WFS. Just provide the shipping label.

Please see “How to place an order with MinMaxDeals” 

Shipping options

Shipping cost is not included in the offer.

Please check leading time before placing an order. Leading time is the time difference between placing the order and when it is ready to ship (turnaround time)

We can ship your order directly to your warehouse/business/home and we can ship directly to Amazon FBA center.
We offer competitive domestic rates and you can select between different shipping services from standard to expedited at the checkout. 

Shipment fees are calculated based on the total weight, dimensions, and destination.

Or you can provide us with your shipping label (FedEx, UPS, or USPS only).
Please make sure your address is correct before placing an order. We will not be responsible for incorrect addresses. Shipping fees are not refundable in case of an incorrect address on your part or returned shipments. Packages are NOT insured.

We have a daily UPS/USPS pick-up and FedEx pickup on demand.

Do you have a dropshipping program (FBM)?

No, we don’t.

International Shipping

Yes, we can ship to your country. You may use your forwarder or we could provide a quote from our forwarder. 

Can I come and pick up?

Yes, if the product arrived and ready for pickup, schedule an appointment and you pick up your order from the warehouse.

Please use this link to schedule an appointment

How long does it take for the products to leave your warehouse, either in a preparation center or in the Amazon warehouses?

Leading time depends on every single product.  All-in-stock offers 0-4 business days for packing. All leading times are stated on the offer page.

Lead time

Orders will usually be processed and dispatched according to the leading time mentioned in the offer details. Lead time is estimated and may vary.

In case of any damages or shortages

The carrier is liable for the loss of or damage to any goods up to an amount specified in the order details. In the case that your shipment is lost, stolen or damaged in transit it is a buyer’s responsibility to file a claim with the carrier.

MinMaxDeals is not responsible to a weather related damage or delay.

MinMaxDeals is only liable for your order and package until the point that it physically leaves our warehouse and is in the hands of the carrier.

Any claims or disputes must be made directly with the selected carrier.