• How to Make a Payment via Wise

    How to Make a Payment via Wise

    If you’re having trouble with Wire, ACH or Zelle direct payments, you can opt to pay using Wise. Start by requesting a Wise payment link from the Accounting Department, then wait for an email from MinMaxDeals with your Sales Receipt and a Wise payment link. Review your receipt, verify the information on the Wise Pay…

  • Plastiq payment Instruction

    Plastiq payment Instruction

    To make a payment on the Plastiq platform to MinMaxDeals, go to the Payments section to add MinMaxDeals as a vendor. Choose and enter bank details for the transfer method, either ACH or Wire transfer. Ensure the vendor’s contact and payment details are correct before finalizing the setup. Then, add a credit card method and…

  • Melio Payment Instruction

    Melio Payment Instruction

    The content guides users through the process of setting up a payment via Melio’s website. Users are walked through registration, scheduling a payment, manually adding a bill for MinMaxDeals LLC, providing bill details, and selecting a credit card for payment. Users also enter MinMaxDeals’ industry information, select bank transfer as the receiving method, input bank…