Storage Policy

We are committed to providing efficient service, but our warehouse is not designed to store orders for extended periods.

Notification via Email:

  • Customers will be notified via email when their order is ready for pickup at our warehouse.
  • Reminder notifications will be sent periodically over a three-month period, exclusively to the email address on record for the order.

Final Notice and Timeline for Disposal:

  • If an order remains unpicked up at our warehouse for three months, a final notice will be sent via email.
  • This final notice will state that if there is no response within 2 business days, the order will be considered abandoned and disposed of accordingly.

Disposal of Unpicked Up Orders:

  • In the absence of a response within 2 business days of the final notice, the order will be disposed of.
  • Disposal methods may include donation, recycling, or destruction, based on the nature of the product.


  • Following the disposal of the order, we will not be liable for any loss or damage related to it.
  • No refunds or credits will be issued for disposed orders.