Cancellation Policy


We do not allow order cancellations, returns, or exchanges.

Before placing an order please check if you are eligible to resell any product we offer on places you intend to sell the product.

When placing an order you agree that your order is an offer to buy all products and services listed in your order. 

MinMaxDeals operates independently and has no direct business association with Amazon or Amazon Service Centers.

While we’re happy to sell and ship our products to your desired location, any subsequent sale or issues arising from selling these products on Amazon or other marketplaces will be solely your responsibility. 

We take no responsibility for Amazon issues or brand-related issues.

We do not take responsibility for any item that is restricted to selling on Amazon, restricted to send to FBA and/or restricted in any other marketplaces. 

We reserve the right to correct any errors, decline or cancel any Order, or part thereof. We will notify you prior to the Order declination or cancelation.