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  • IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare Lot 1

    IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare Lot 1

    It Cosmetics
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    Mix of the shades: 

    Tan Warm 43 B08KGQFT9Y
    Tan Warm 44 B08KGVYDL3
    Tan Cool 40 B08KGW28FG
    Tan Warm 41 B08KGV8C3P
    Tan Neutral 42 B08KGSZG92
    Rich Cool 50 B08KGTLVW2
    Rich Warm 51 B08KGWN5HP
    Rich Neutral 53 B08KGSSPLG
    Medium Neutral 33 B08HHTMK3S
    Medium Cool 34 B08KGYFMFG
    Medium Cool 30 B08KGV3V9P
    Medium Neutral 31 B08KGV4F7Q
    Medium Warm 32 B08KGXJRV3
    Light Neutral 22 B08KGTLSQ8
    Light Warm 23 B08KGX54LR
    Light Cool 20 B08KGWW9NR
    Light Warm 21 B08KGVVVYL
    Fair Warm 10 B08KGVT7LN
    Fair Neutral 11 B08KGWFR16
    Fair Warm 12 B08KGW9X35


    Total units per lot: 107 units

    Price per unit: $18.00

    Total Lot price: $1,926.00