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It Cosmetics Blonde Eyebrow Color 0.12 oz

It Cosmetics Blonde Eyebrow Color 0.12 oz

It Cosmetics
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0.12 oz  New, Boxed

Experience 24-hour brow power! This beauty game-changer delivers a waterproof taming gel, soft powder stain, brow conditioner, built-in primer and melted fill-in fibers—all in one revolutionary formula infused with biotin, lecithin, peptides, saw palmetto and antioxidants to condition each hair for your most beautiful brows. Developed with plastic surgeons and clinically shown waterproof for 24 hours, the budge-proof stain coats each brow hair and adheres to skin with Melted Fiber Technology that fills in gaps and looks like real hair, even if your brows are sparse or missing. For your most flawless application, let your Heavenly Luxe™ Build-A-Brow™ Brush #12 do the work for you; its unique fence-shaped bristles give you natural-looking definition and a polished finish.


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